Is cheerleading a part of the Athletic Department?

Yes, The NAIA recognizes both Cheer and Dance as Championship Sports, therefore, the Athletic Department at Central Christian College also considers it as such.

Do you offer scholarships for Cheerleading?

Yes, we offer scholarships to members of the team, however, we do not offer scholarships to dual-sport athletes (in accordance with athletic department policy).

How much can I receive in Scholarship?

Scholarships amounts vary based on ability. The average for Cheerleading scholarships is $5,000

What sports do you cheer sideline for?

The team currently cheers at Men’s and Women’s basketball games. The team will make appearances at games/matches for each athletic team in some capacity.

Is this a competitive cheer program?            

Yes, we are considered a sport within the institution and compete accordingly. We will complete at 8-10 competitions each year, along with exhibition performances.

Do I have to tryout?

Invitation on to the team is based on scholarship evaluation material presented to the coaching staff on either a campus visit or by submission of video material.

There will be a tryout for walk on members in the Fall Semester each year.

Is there a minimum skill requirement for the team?

At this time, there is no minimum skill requirement for the team, however, scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale, based on ability. It is important that we see potential for improvement at any level of ability.

What is the time commitment for the cheerleading team?

The team practices 3-5 times a week. This does fluctuate based on time of year (i.e. Conditioning, Basketball Season, Competition Season). Each position on the team comes with a year commitment that begins with Pre-Camp in August and Ends with Individual Assessment interviews in April/May. If you are interested in the program please be prepared to make the above time commitment.

Do I have to pay anything to be on the team?

Each member of the team is responsible for participating in fundraising programs organized by the coaching staff throughout the year to help offset the cost of gear, camp and other special costs as deemed necessary. Team members are responsible for the cost of traveling to and from campus during holidays and other school breaks.

Please contact Coach Ashlee Annis if you have any additional questions – [email protected]